How To Make Palm Oil Masks?

Cosmetics which have the best influence on our hair and scalp are the ones that we prepare ourselves. Why? Because we can add whatever we want. At least we are sure that they contain only natural ingredients. If you’re seeking ideas for DIY cosmetics, read the above recipes for masks with palm oil.

hair-care.jpgWhy is palm oil the main ingredient of hair masks?

It is one of the various products commonly used in hair and scalp care. What’s more, it contains ingredients which can help you to tackle some problems. Among these substances we find fatty acids, vitamins, beta-carotene and coenzyme Q10. They enhance the improvement of our hair and scalp condition. Moreover, palm oil offers strong moisturizing properties. It rebuilds damaged hair ends and dry strands. Also, it provides smoothing, softening and shine. The oil makes hair easier to style and manage. Even so-called baby hair becomes easier to tame. Palm oil takes care of the scalp as well. It helps to fight dry epidermis and dry variety of dandruff. It regenerates skin irritation and alleviates any allergic symptoms.

How to prepare DIY hair masks with palm oil?

The first thing you should know is that you can combine it with any conditioning cosmetics that you choose. Pick the best recipe for you and adapt it to your needs. If your hair is dry and damaged, use palm oil in form of a mask. Apply it to the roots of hair and spread it along the entire length of hair. Put on a towel for better absorption. After 30 minutes, wash your head with a favourite shampoo. If your hair lacks shine, prepare a mask using three tablespoons of palm oil and three drops of essential oil Ylang-Ylang. In order to moisturize hair and scalp, mix egg yolk, 100 ml of water and two tablespoons of palm oil. Mix all the ingredients well and apply it to hair for more or less 30 minutes. Don’t forget to wash your head. If you’ve been struggling with splitting ends for a long time, palm oil mask is just right for you. Combine aloe vera juice and one tablespoon of honey with the oil. Your hair will be grateful for such care.